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Artistically we can not exsist in a bubble because our art will stagnate and never grow

With so many bands coming out with new albums, I’m seeing a lot of “This sucks! What happened? Why did you change your sound?”

I think that’s the worst kind of fan, honestly, I’m going to be brutal here. There are a lot of bands I used to like that went a direction that I didn’t care for (mainly NIN), but instead of bashing the new sound, I give it a chance and don’t dislike it, but I just accept that is the direction they wanted to go.

But when it comes down to it, I simply can not listen to a band that doesn’t explore every aspect of music. If it ends up sounding influenced by a style I don’t like, or someone else’s personal style, great. Because I just might like that… I might not, but I respect you for not living in a bubble.

I can’t listen to the album repackaged and released over the life of a band, in fact, I prefer that a new direction is taken with each release. Even if you dig up an old element and reDESIGN it, I will embrace that. As long as the core defining sound/element that withing the first 30 seconds of a song I can pick it out and say “That sounds like…” I’m a happy camper.

So for all those who keep saying “I liked [album released 4 years ago], why did you have to change your sound, it sucks.” then move on. Go elsewhere, don’t dwell on the fact you no longer like the music. Because a band isn’t here to make music just for you, they make music for themselves and the potential audience (we are all potential audience, even if we already are fans). If they stagnated in that sound you liked from [x] amount of years ago, then it’s not music.

And for all those say “If I wanted to listen to [insert music style here] I would, why did you have to change your sound?”

Then again, move on. Find a new band or embrace the change.

If we don’t allow other genres/styles to influence the music, then it would grow so stale and old we would stop listening to it.

Don’t judge so quickly, you may not like the influence of the sound, but if you automatically judge without listening, are you really doing justice to the band you say you love? In my opinion, no. Humans will judge a song withing the first 5 seconds.

Listen without prejudice, because if you do you may find their take on the sound/style is brilliant and amazing… you might like their take on it.

Music shouldn’t be listened to close minded. It defeats the purpose.

Accept new sounds. If you don’t, then music will die and we will have what we had in the 90’s, the late 60’s, etc. Bands that literally copy each other, and years and years of the same exact sound with a different band name.

I do not what to hear Nirvana- Pearl Jam.. whatever, whatever, that defined the early 90’s again. I got so tired of not know who I was listening to because every band sounded the same….

Now, to end this little rant…. think about the top bands that have been around forever… still around. They adapted to survive. Madonna, Aerosmith, Skinny Puppy, Front Line Assembly, to name a few from both mainstream and not so mainstream, they all changed their sound. No two albums really sounded the same. The grew, expanded, took in new ideas and new sounds, and are still around today.

And now that I got that out of my system… so far, each of my favorite bands that have released albums this year have taken a different direction, and I’m glad I’ve liked that direction. I hope no one will go in a direction I don’t like, but there is the possibility, at that point I will applaud them for keeping on course and moving forward with their music and hope that I can feel it in their next album.

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