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One of my purchases this summer (besides a badly needed new computer… ooo touchscreen desktop! I can’t help but touch it!) was photography lights. Now I have a studio AND lights (real studio now) so I don’t have to wait until mid morning to photograph things! Late night photography!

Oh, and I made some cyberlox too…. :p

Die Sektor and God Module played at The Phantasy in Lakewood (OH) last night.

Utterly fantastic show, of course.  However, The Phantasy has the WORST stage lighting there is. so I was unable to get many good shots.

And then my camera battery died in the first few songs of God Module’s set :(

But here’s some of Edwin and Scott from Die Sektor (Edwin’s very sweet, he lets me stalk him and he actually remembered who I was, which was way cool since we talked a couple of times in the past year on Facebook, but barely hardly 6 or 7 times)

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