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Die Sektor and God Module played at The Phantasy in Lakewood (OH) last night.

Utterly fantastic show, of course.  However, The Phantasy has the WORST stage lighting there is. so I was unable to get many good shots.

And then my camera battery died in the first few songs of God Module’s set :(

But here’s some of Edwin and Scott from Die Sektor (Edwin’s very sweet, he lets me stalk him and he actually remembered who I was, which was way cool since we talked a couple of times in the past year on Facebook, but barely hardly 6 or 7 times)

So I know I haven’t been around Tumblr much lately.

One of the big reasons why is the house in the picture. We are buying it!

It was built in 1924 (so not too old, it’s only 90 this year) and some of the best parts are the art deco leaded glass windows in the dining room and flanking the fireplace in the living room (over the built in cabinets)… and the walk up attic (in the picture is just one half of the attic). It’s techically 2.5 stories and that attic is CyberFreak’s new HQ! (this is a huge step up considering CF’s current HQ is a computer nook the size of a closet and my kitchen table… sometimes my hubby’s desk) :) 

1600+ square feet of glorious space!

ctrlfrequency01011's photosets on Flickr

I’ve started putting some of the more popular stuff from the shop as well as my photos from concerts on Flickr so that both past and present shop items can sit side by side with something that I feel goes hand in hand with the lifestyle the shop appeals to… music.

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