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New Places for CyberFreak

Good news, I Am Attitude went live today! So now I have a new shop to take care of.

Since I’m not exactly in a happy place with Etsy, I’m going to start giving priority to the IAMA shop, Etsy CyberFreak is established enough that it can sell without much help from me.

Visually IAMA is better, and it also is specifically targeted for alternative style.

They just soft launched this morning, which means they aren’t advertising yet, they want to stress test. But go, check it out, tell your friends! I haven’t looked around yet (we were unable to until today) but if the owner is right, this will be totally awesome (they are specifically targeting small business, unlike other places that make it easy for the cheap sweatshop stuff)

I forgot that Instagram (and Tumblr) missed out on the Whirl (the Autobot) adventures (since I haven’t used either in a long time)

So here’s Whirl, playing Transformers: Fall of Cybertron.
# Autobotwhirl

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